Played by Alle Hoeken van de Kamermuziek

In Whoosh! three musicians will enchantingly blow you to a warm world of breath and wind. A world where the only spoken language is music and where every breeze turns into beautiful sounds: a breath through your hair, blowing up a beach ball and even your dad sneezing…
Whoosh! stimulates skin and hair, eyes and ears!

Whoosh! is a wordless performance in which the power of the music and the narrative of the movement are central.

A co-production of Alle Hoeken van de Kamermuziek and Festival 2 Turven Hoog.

Directed by Ide van Heiningen and Virág Dezsö (MAPA) and music by Bastiaan Woltjer (Buzz Aldrin/Toneelgroep Oostpool, What nobody, nobody knows).

Alle Hoeken van de Kamermuziek consists of:
Bastiaan Woltjer – trombone and tuba
Anneke Wensink – french horn and recorder
Rudi van Hest – clarinet and bass clarinet

Nominee YAMA 2015
Whoosh! has been nominated for an international music award: ‘The Young Audiences Music Awards’ (YAMA), in the category ‘Small Ensemble for Young Audiences’. Whoosh! has been chosen among more than 60 productions from 19 different countries.

Information on Whoosh!
All the information on Whoosh! has been gathered in the PDF which you can find below:

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